[GIVEAWAY] Golden Twenties | 06/11/21 | Frankfurt on the Maine

Ready for your date with destiny? On the occasion of the upcoming Golden Twenties next Saturday, we just launched a great giveaway where you can win free entry and an exclusive Timcat bag with surprises inside for you and your loved one. You just have to comment and tag your better half in the event below the posting. Deadline’s the fourth of November. Good Luck!
We love you all to death! All VIP tickets are sold out and only 100 regular tickets remain in pre-sale. Since we appreciate your existence, we reserve our right to throw our fondness right at your hearts. Welcome to the great draw of this year’s last extravaganza.
With a bit of luck, 2×2 people may be able to win our most exclusive care package. Next to free entry for you and your beloved one, we also give away Timcat‘s new, stylish bag, containing a little surprise. You can enter the giveaway by commenting below this post and tagging your better half. Thursday (04/11/21) at 23:59 is the deadline for entering. Good luck!