Electro Swing dj Timcat mixing with saxophone player.

about the heart

The DJ

Timcat fusions melodies and sounds of the swing-era with todays modern beats. Just the best that Electro Swing has to offer with a mix of saxophone-based EDM for the perfect flair. Only the finest music gets served on the turntables to satisfy your hunger for good music. Doesn’t matter if you dance Lindy Hop, Charleston or Shenanigans. Just indulge yourself.

Vintage videos of dancing people and old cartoons in black and white are projected to the walls. Proper style for proper people. Dressing up like roaring 20’s highlife society crowns the golden evening.

With Traktor S4M3 he mixes up to four tracks at the same time live with no prepared sets. Everything’s in the moment to feel the pulsating need of the crowd, until the beat drops and everyone loses their minds. As celebrated dj and producer, he also outperforms himself by playing typewriter, plastic trumpet and triangle as amusing live gimmick.

Host of his solo party Swing Ding since 2015, the extraordinary ElectroSwing.Club featuring one instrumental guest and the great Golden Twenties with several starring artists, operating across Germany since 2017.

about the mind

The Producer

With Ableton Push, Komplete Kontrol S49 as a professional midi keyboard and other fancy gadgetries, he is dedicated on uniting the old style of rather rough and authentic Electro Swing productions with the new ways of modern sound fabrication.

Pivotal and bijoux instruments are growing in a collection for individual sound recordings, enchanting tracks with a unique flair. A digital library with additional modules, plugins and sampled instruments of about 600 GB concludes his flagship audio workspace.

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