Let the sun shine and your booty swing. The new Roaring Twenties were an utter calamity so far. We've been behind the eight ball for months. But now we are finally allowed to hit the drum again in fancy schmancy glad rags. Dear flapper girls and natty fellas, we welcome you to the first fabulous wingding of this year. A little party never killed nobody, so dress yourself up like Gatsby and dance like Fred Astaire. Don't be a dewdropper. Be a do-hopper. Because summer's in full swing, alright. Forming as the Electro Swing Collective, Hesses greatest electro swing dj Timcat consolidates with Balduin, Giuseppina Galloro, and Enea Caccia to enact the most embellished extravaganza when it comes to hosting a party. To the sound of live saxophone and clarinet performances you're gonna move your getaway sticks like there's no tomorrow. Enjoy our tippy tappy swing dance crash course and be amazed by the show dancing on stage. Be mesmerized by projected vintage videos in black and white, which were forgotten long ago and resurfaced from eerie old archives. ‣ Timcat (electro swing dj) ‣ Balduin (dj with saxophone & clarinet) ‣ Giuseppina Galloro and Enea Caccia (swing dancers)
  ✚ Entry to Golden Twenties only for people who are - completely vaccinated or recovered (please bring certificate). - tested (antigen rapid test, PCR Test; no self tests!). ✚ Masks mandatory when moving through the area. ✚ For tracing of contacts: - please bring a prepared note with name, address, and phone number. We also have to record details of your corona test. All data will be stored confidentially and destroyed after 31 days. - on entering the vicinity you can scan the QR-code of the corona warning app for checking in and out. ✚ According to current hygiene regulations we will take care of a safe distance among each other with overseers, marked spacings at the bar and box office, and distributing rubber bracelets in red (please keep your distance), yellow (talking's okay) and green (you can high-five me!). ✚ With the current incidence rate there are only 150 tickets to sell.   [caption id="attachment_5060" align="alignright" width="340"]Timcat and Balduin playing at Golden Twenties Timcat and Balduin playing at Schirn Kunsthalle[/caption] KulturquARTier Frankfurt e.V.
Borsigallee 24 60388 Frankfurt on the Maine Arrival via U7 to »Kruppstraße« station date | saturday, 11/09/2021 time | 5:00 pm – 11:00 pm timetable 05:00 pm | easy start 05:30 pm | swing dance crash course 06:00 pm | electro swing dance crash course 06:30 pm | party start 10:00 pm | confetti action VIP ticket | 20€ entry | 15€ reduced | 12€ Presale tickets for Golden Twenties via EVENTIM online ( or at local outlets plus presale fee. VIP tickets give you symbolic patron status and include access to a secluded open air lounge with couches and a free glass of sparkling wine.  
Timcat fusions melodies and sounds of the swing-era with todays modern beats. Just the best that Electro Swing has to offer with a mix of saxophone-based EDM for the perfect flair. Only the finest music gets served on the turntables to satisfy your hunger for good music. Doesn’t matter if you dance Lindy Hop, Charleston or Shenanigans. Just indulge yourself. Balduin are German pioneers of electro swing music production and the international epitome for true sound symbiosis of modern beats and original grooves. With over 11 million plays on Spotify, Soundcloud and Youtube they revel having a great and dedicated fanbase. Playing live saxophone and clarinet during mixing complements their live performance as one of a kind. Giuseppina Galloro is a primeval rock of swing dance. She incarnates bygone vigor and vintage elegance with her retroescic fable since 2014. Her specialization in Lindy Hop, Charleston, Solo Jazz, Tap Dance, Balboa, Shag and Peabody shines bright on stage for a great variety of stunts. From her group Swing Jets she'll be supported by Enea Caccia from Italy, who learned his unique style by renowned Lindy Hop star Vincenzo Fesi.   event page › location › Visit our facebook event!